Making, Meaning, and Context: A Radical Reconsideration of Art’s Work

 Making, Meaning, and Context: A Radical Reconsideration of Art’s Work

Our festival/forum at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont is coming up soon. I'll be showing the first two parts of Love Letters on Friday, October 14. The video for part one is in the previous post, and the next part will be posted here soon.

Love Letters is a suite of performative video letters reflecting on the desire for home, the politics of homemaking and housecleaning, and the ecology of the home. The first letter, Dirt is Beautiful, examines cultural associations with dirt and the kinds of objects or conditions that arouse feelings of disgust. The second letter, called Home Work is a meditation on the gender politics of work, particularly the relationship between housework and work outside the home. Some of the questions posed include: Where do you work? How is your work at home different than work outside the home? Who works at home in your household? What is the work of your dreams? The artist invites participants to explore the potential for performative presence to imagine new ways of merging art and activism.

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  1. Sounds terrific. I hope to see some of your work at the hive tomorrow, if I can swing childcare. Yes, your work strikes a note ;)!