Office of Leaves: Mothers Transform Environments

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Well, it's only been what--four months since I've posted anything on this blog?? My "real" website is still in process, as is the Neighbor to Neighbor project. As is life. I'm teaching a film class this fall, which I haven't done in years. As if that weren't enough of a juggle, I'm also embarking on another new project.

A few months ago I was reading Genvieve Vaughan, and net-surfing led me to the conference of the Association of Research on Mothering. I proposed an abstract for the embedded conference on gifting, kind of an embellishment of Neighbor.

Here's the link to the googledoc: Free Lunch Abstract

They liked the abstract, but had no room in the embedded conference. So they invited me to propose something for the larger conference, "Mothering and the Environment: The Built, the Social and the Natural". So I came up with another idea.  I'll use the same idea of the mobile office and set up a tent onto which the knitted leaves will be affixed or draped. Inside the tent, paper leaves with answers to the question will be stuffed in the side pockets and marking pages of books, i.e. available to be read and pondered. Crochet hooks, yarn, and blank leaves will also be available for visitors to add to the collection.

The conference is October 22, and I would love to have more leaves to display than my own. So please pass this around and contribute and ask your friends to contribute!